The information provided below only relates to our supplied bulk products which are produced according to the Zechstein Inside® batch protocol. All subsequent process steps, bottling or reformulation, etc. take place beyond our liability.

Zechstein Inside® batch protocol | ZI®

Our natural magnesium chloride Brine is produced by Nedmag Mining and Industries B.V. (joint shareholder) from the Zechstein source according to a special batch protocol with selection and supervision by Zechstein Minerals (Zechstein Inside® batch protocol | ZI®). The ZI® batch protocol guarantees ‘the best of the best’ from the Zechstein source and then produces the purest natural magnesium chloride in the world. The ZI® quality is sold as a “Topical Grade”.

Product information

On request, we can send general datasheets on Brine, Gel, Scrub Gel and Flakes.


Our magnesium chloride is exempt from registration and assessment in accordance with Annex V of REACH (naturally occurring minerals that are not chemically modified). Our products do not fall under the substances of very high concern category.


Contamination risk is not a problem. Microbiological testing is not necessary as no bacteria or mould can live in the 31% magnesium chloride solution.


The brine and flakes (if stored properly) do not cause any stability problems. For our gels, we recommend a maximum of 36 months after opening, but that is only a recommendation. We offer the highest possible concentration in our products (saturated), but when the product cools down, some crystals may form on the bottom.

Dermatological & chemical safety

On request, we will send you our recent safety statements.

Doses, applications and formulations

Because we only sell the basic products in bulk, please contact specialist parties such as The Magnesium Health Institute if you have any questions about doses, applications and formulations.