About us

Zechstein Minerals BV is a Dutch family business founded in 2006 to serve the cosmetic and medical markets with the pure natural magnesium chloride (Bischofite, mineral) from the Zechstein source. This world-unique Zechstein source is located near Veendam, in the north of the Netherlands. Zechstein Minerals BV’s location and warehouse are also located in Veendam, the Netherlands.

Our mission

“It is our mission to supply all countries in the world and introduce them to the unique Zechstein Inside ® products for topical applications. Our products contain the highest quality Magnesium Chloride in the world.”


Zechstein Minerals BV is a collaboration between R&H Minerals BV and Nedmag BV, both of which are shareholders of Zechstein Minerals.

In addition, through the MHI, Zechstein Minerals has contact with various international (academic) institutes and other knowledge centres around the world. It consults international literature to enlarge the application areas. 

Zechstein Minerals considers it its primary task to secure the highest possible quality magnesium chloride from the Zechstein source in Veendam, by means of the unique and exclusive Zechstein Inside® batch protocol.


Nedmag has brought global exclusivity into the collaboration to use the source to serve the topical (skin-related), cosmetic and medical applications on the market. This is also indicated in the exclusivity statement. R&H Minerals has contributed its patented application methods, such as gel formula and marketing knowledge to the collaboration.

This makes Zechstein Minerals the only company worldwide that serves the topical market together with its customers from the Zechstein Source in Veendam. More information: www.zechsteinauthenticity.com  

All of Zechstein Minerals’ production and storage facilities are located in Veendam, the Netherlands. From there it serves the global (bulk) distribution of the various products business to business.


Drilling starts in Veendam by Billiton Delftstoffen.


Magnesia international MAGIN and the Noordelijke Zoutwinning NOZO are launched.


Start brine production for industrial applications.


Start research into topical applications.


Patent applications filed.


The origin of Zechstein Minerals BV.


Zechstein Inside batch protocol developed.


Moved to a larger facility with more storage space.


Zechstein Minerals has moved to a larger facility with more storage space in Veendam.


In addition to storage at home, also external rental of additional storage space in the vicinity due to growth.


Zechstein Authenticity statements have been drafted confirming the exclusivity of Zechstein Minerals in the topical market.


The celebration of our 15th anniversary and simultaneously the continuation of growth and expansion of the team.


Started visiting our customers worldwide. Hearing and counterhearing, listening to the distributor. Our customer takes center stage.


new team

New daily management within Zechstein Minerals. Preparing for the next generation. This step is accompanied by a new structure and strategy.